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Personal Safety Skills & Situational
Awarenesss Training for Realtors

A 3-Hour Personal Safety and Situational Awareness Training Program Designed for Realtors. 
Training Includes:
  • What Puts Realtors at Risk for Harm?

  • · Psychological Need to Feel Safe

  • · Situational Awareness Skills

  • · Body Language Skills

  • · Predator Body Language and Common Tactics

  • · Tools for Making Decisions (Intuition)

  • · Verbal Defenses and Personal Space

  • · Every Day Carry, Defensive Hardware and Self Defense Tips

  • · Public & Travel Safety Tips

  • · Home & Family Safety Tips

  • · Realtor Safety Tips for Open Houses, New Buyers, Showing a Home, Realtor Photos and more!

Showing House to Customers

Realtor Safety - NAR Video (2021)

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