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Personal Safety and Situational AwarenessTraining

What Is Pretty Loaded™ 

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Pretty Loaded™ is an innovative personal safety and situational awareness training program. We educate our audience about predator mindset and tactics, conflict avoidance and provide the tools to detect, dissuade and defeat a predator. Awareness of some key techniques can have a profound effect on personal safety. At Pretty Loaded, our goal is to educate people through our presentations, videos, and online training to develop skills that can be learned, practiced and implemented to help prevent injury or violence.

As a result of attending our Pretty Loaded Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Training session, all participants will have the ability to put the following skills into immediate use:


Understand the Imperative of Becoming Aware

  • Realities of violence and statistics relating to violence

  • The denial mindset and its danger

  • Tools for identifying the threat

  • Predator mindset and body language

  • Situational Awareness skills to navigate your surroundings for dangerous threats

Apply Strategies for Self Defense

  • Learn power tactics against being targeted 

  • Verbal defense commands and tools for making decisions

  • What to do “when seconds count and help is minutes away"

  • Putting the tools into action

  • Physiologic (fight or flight) response to stress

  • Brief intro to lethal and non-lethal hardware and self-defense options

  • Intro to Krav Maga self-defense moves

Utilize Important Tips to Keep Yourself Out of Harm’s Way

  • Parking lots, running paths, buildings, stairwells and other fringe areas

  • Business travel including hotels and blending into surroundings

  • Living your life empowered


Pretty Loaded training includes role-play, live demonstration, and audience participation, including verbal defenses, how quickly a predator can go from a safe distance to contact distance, and discussion of key Krav Maga self-defense moves.    

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