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Hello, I'm Linda Yalen, Certified Clear Skin Health Coach. 


Problematic skin conditions seem to have the same thing in common - your skin is your biggest toxic eliminator, and cleaning up the skin takes more than lotions and expensive services, it takes looking at both the gut and hormone health to find the root cause of the issue.


I've spent the good part of 20 years trying to find the root of her digestive issues. After my second child was born in 1993, my body changed, as most women experience after childbirth.  Weight gain, digestive discomfort and fatigue was among the symptoms I dealt with daily.  At the time, most doctors had no idea about root cause, they provided solutions based on treating symptoms. 

One observation I made, MY skin was a reflection on my gut and hormone health.  After researching holistic information on skin health, I realized there was very little information available on gut/hormone health and skin health.  Most services provided treatment and topicals to treat the symptoms, not the root cause.

I have been building my "toolbox" to help those who have had their skin questions go unanswered.

Linda's Skin Health Toolbox

2015 - Certified Health Coach - Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

2017 - Certified Essential Oil Coach - The Essential Oil Institute - Dr. Josh Axe