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Today's Reality

Violent encounters take only seconds and are over faster than it takes police to respond. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid confrontation in the first place? Our personal safety training is a preventative/proactive program that teaches you how to use situational awareness to navigate your surroundings and avoid conflict by exposing criminals and their tactics.  Why do you need our training?

You will learn real world safety skills that help you avoid potentially threatening situations, and you will know how to respond in stressful situations

Your Intuition is Your Best Friend!

Helpful Resources and Handouts

Crime in the News

Personal Safety and Situational AwarenessTraining

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What Is Pretty Loaded™ 

Pretty Loaded™ is an innovative personal safety and situational awareness training program. We educate our audience about predator mindset and tactics, conflict avoidance and provide the tools to detect, dissuade and defeat a predator. Awareness of some key techniques can have a profound effect on personal safety. At Pretty Loaded, our goal is to educate people through our presentations, videos, and online training to develop skills that can be learned, practiced and implemented to help prevent injury or violence.

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