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Diagnosed with Cancer?

I can help you get your health (and your life) 

Hi!  My name is Linda Yalen and I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach. I began my wellness journey many years ago when I developed digestive discomfort after having my daughters.  In addition to that, my family history of breast cancer which runs on both sides put me in a high-risk category.

As the years went on I became self-taught in many areas of alternative health, most of which was before wellness was fashionable over 25 years ago!  When health certifications became more popular I took advantage of many areas of health, and am still continuously learning important areas of health.

You know how life can get overwhelming when you don't feel your best?

I' can help you live your healthiest life so you can get what you want!


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Who Can Benefit?


  • Have you lost hope after your cancer diagnosis?

  • Are you a cancer caregiver and wish you could do more?


  • Are you confused with all the choices out there that "promise" results?

  • Does cancer run in your family and you are hoping to stay healthy and avoid getting cancer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you've come to the right place!


So what can you expect while working with me?


  • I bring hope to the those experiencing hopelessness

  • I teach caregivers self-care

  • I take the confusion out of the choices available

  • I educate those who are looking to be their own best advocate

  • I provide scientifically-proven research that will allow you to feel like you're winning the war, not just fighting the battle!

Become the CEO of your own cancer recovery!  You have the power to direct which way your healing goes by your choices so you don't get lost in the system


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